Oh, February… And, here’s what I’ve been reading…

Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist

In her follow up to the Celebration focussed Cold Tangerines, her collection of personal stories focus on the honest and bittersweet moments from her life. I love her voice and wish we were neighbors and IRL friends. #LOVE


The Secret of Happily Ever After by Lucy Dillon

I had such high hopes for a light, friendship read. This isn’t it. I’m mustering through it. Maybe I’ll change my mind. The Dalmation’s name is Pongo. That’s the best I’ve got. #MehHowLuckyYouAreCover

How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Three friends, their secrets, struggles, victories and overall individual stories while trying to maintain their friendships from afar. Maybe this is the friendship story I’m seeking, though not the lighthearted one. #hopefulimages

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin…

Quite possibly most romantic story ever. (Colin Firth Imagined) Darcy and witty Lizzie Bennet. Perfection! (Also, nagging mother.) #Swoon #melt #darcy

mama and boris

Mama & Boris by Carey Neesley

Peter, an American soldier fighting in Iraq, rescues a mama dog and her litter of pups. All die but one. Determined to save them, Peter shares his mission with his Michigan based sister Carey. After Peter is killed in the line of duty, Carey fights to bring the mama and her son home to be with her. (seriously, you guys… I can’t even get through those sentences without crying.) #TEARSThe_Book_Thief_by_Markus_Zusak_book_cover

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak… 

Have tried to read 2 other times. LOVE the film, but the book is a struggle. Third times a charm? Sadness and ODD writing style. #ugh #hereigoagain

I’m linking up with Modern Mr’s Darcy for Twitterature. An (attempt) to share what I’m reading, with you, while summing each book into 140 characters or less…


6 thoughts on “Twitterature…

  1. Thanks for your list; all of your books sound very interesting. I can’t believe I haven’t read any Shauna Niequist despite hearing so much about this book and Bread & Wine. I will have to remedy that!

    P&P is a great February read. Or March read … or April read …..

    1. EXACTLY! Any month, anytime… Moving on to Mansfield Park now, I forgot to put that. I guess I’ll list it next month.

      Yes, Shauna Niequist is so amazing! I can’t wait to read Bread & Wine but I want to finish Bittersweet first.

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