Back to reality…

Yesterday, when I wasn’t in the position to sit down and write, I thought of a something I wanted to post about.

Remember!!! I hounded my often foggy brain. Apparently such harassment did little good. It was likely the best post I would ever have written though.

In part, I blame my back and knee for my forgetting. It probably isn’t at all their fault as I forget things without their aid, but over the weekend I aggravated a back injury from last year and am (it’s safe to say) in an incredible amount of pain. Somehow the back pain seems to be requesting backup in the form of my knee injury from a few months ago and, suffice it to say, I’m living the dream of an 85-year-old grandma this week. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve got my whining, gripes, gasps, aches, pains, limps, spasms, ice packs, warm blankets and a whole lot of tears and misery. Is it spring yet?

Just looked outside and all I saw was a curtain of blustery white. Guess not.

Allow me to side note for a moment, please… Why is this not a snow day? Our district has called snow days for less inclement weather. I guess it’s because, now that we’re well over our snow day allotment, the district is forced to be a bit stricter about what qualifies… Here’s a tip, next time a storm “might come”, over the weekend, let’s NOT call the last day before Christmas break off just in case.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound mean, or angry. It’s the back that’s to blame for that. And the winter. Heck, lets blame the winter for the back, since it was the winter that led to Chw and I getting the grand idea to spend the snow storm hunkered down as a family watching movies. Psh… {Though we saw some really great movies} But honestly, my back gets a little pissed at me if I sit on my couch for two movies in a row on a friday night. Doing that and movies all day on Saturday was flat-out stupid. (But still winter’s fault.)

Even my dogs, who generally love Outside, and pretty much everything (but short children, Emma finds them suspicious and not to be trusted initially) now look out the window and then sigh woefully and slump down. Enough already, winter, give some other season a chance! Why not let spring come early, for a change? Wouldn’t you like to rest? you have worked so hard…

Looked out the window again. Winter is pretty dang busy out there, so not really listening to my sob saturated pleadings anyway.

Last night, after dinner, we decided to play Scattegories for a while. I can’t tell you how many times tropical locations, tropical vacations and warm climate areas came up. Winter jaded much?

I hope that, reading this, you’re faring in better spirits… Next time I’ll post happier. Actually, I will! Tomorrow, I have a little sponsored giveaway! :)

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