Dinosaurs, paper cameras and cover songs- oh my…

It has been one heck of week both inside my home and out…

I feel left speechless and shaking my head for a dozen, or more, different reasons.

At any rate, I could use a good distraction and maybe you could too. Here’s my friday list… {If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, it’s just a list of things I’ve collected from around the internet, this week, that I’m either loving or found interesting… Consider it my highlights…}

– I may have mentioned this here, (I forget) but lately I am obsessed with covers. Also, one of my FAVORITE singers is Dallas Green. Have you heard his cover of Alicia Key’s Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)? Haunting and I’ve gotta say- it stirs me…

– I know that everyone’s been talking about the shutdown. Some are sick of it, and many can’t get enough ranting in… This isn’t really a rant. This is just a list of 21 ways the shut down affects us that we may not be aware of… (and I have a question… why does a family of four need a staff of 90 to care for them?) Ok. I guess that might be a rant.

– BUT, don’t lose hope on people just yet… Seriously. :)

– I know a gal, through a gal… And she made this. She’s amazing, no? It’s awesome. I’m in awe.

– Who hasn’t had a “dinosaur experience” of their own? This is one of my favorite blogs, but this post rocked my world.

If you have anything awesome to share- please do! (great cover songs most especially!)

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, paper cameras and cover songs- oh my…

  1. So cool about the young man finding the moola. :)
    I LOVE coffee house on my SiriusXm….so I could not pick a favorite cover?!? Although Ray LaMontagne doing ‘crazy’ is pretty darn good. Actually Ray LaMontagne doing anything is pretty darn awesome.
    me? I only need 4 people to take care of my family of four.
    Yes, I am four people myself. LOL!

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