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I feel like there are so many random, tidbit things I want to say.

bandnAre you a kindle or e-reader owner? My bff gave me a kindle a couple of Christmases ago and i LOVE it so much more than I thought I would. I was super snobby about the idea of not reading actual books, but I found that i read a lot more now, which is GREAT! The downside to my Kindle ownership is that I hadn’t stepped foot in a book store in a year. AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!! Outrage!

Anyway, with Gen having drama practice twice a week, just one block south of this paper scented book haven, I’ve decided that my “me” time needs to be spent there- sipping chai and perusing paper books. Surely such afternoons would be amazing for the soul. When it’s time for my next writing project, I could spend that time assembling chapters and doing research. I am almost giddy thinking about it!

The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of afternoons and chai, I have been using my Teavana pot and tea religiously. Maybe it’s the cold. Maybe it’s that my soul is needing some peace, I don’t know.

If you love tea and aren’t familiar with Teavana, i really encourage you to check them out. It is amazing how many layers of flavors their teas have. When I end up having a bagged cup of tea, on more rushed mornings, it disappoints EVERY TIME!
Are you a tv watcher? We aren’t super into TV, but in the cooler/colder months we do have a few evenings a week where we like to hunker down with a cozy throw and catch up on our TiVo. Both my favorite dramas ended this week, which is a little sad. I won’t talk about the first one, as it’s a bit controversial, but I will mention the second one: 


Are you a watcher?

I love Parenthood, even if certain details of this season have left me grinding my teeth. I think it, over all, is such a great look at family (in all aspects) and love. I am a little sad though, that I’m not the only one speculating an impending cancellation. As much as I wish it were not true- this finale felt really, REALLY final.


Speaking of books AND watching things… You know how I am a really huge movie lover, and Oscar season is the best season of all times, for me. Well, one of my favorite contenders (that I’ve seen) is Silver Linings Playbook. Have you seen it? I LOVE it!

At the urging of my girlfriend, whom I first saw the movie with- I am now reading the book. Pretty different, let me tell you, but really, really, really great! It is making me wish (as most adaptations do) that they would have done things a little more like the book, when it came to the film. That being said though, the performances are really amazing and it is such a great movie! In fact, though I’ve slowed way down on my theater attending, i am pretty anxious to see this one again!

Speaking of Oscar nominated films. On Saturday we are going to see Zero Dark Thirty. Quite the controversy stirrer! I loved The Hurt Locker and I’m pretty excited to see this movie- even if that really upsets others. I have several friends who have really enjoyed it and found it to be a great eye opener and conversation film. I personally love conversation films, so i am excited. I had a radical friend tell me, last week, that this movie is the spawn of Satan. That kind of stuff really gets me. If you have different opinions, that’s one thing- but don’t go throwing around spawn of Satan allegations. Come on people…

Besides… The true spawn of Satan is this:


If you haven’t played this game, here’s the nutshell… (spare yourself the agony)

It is so easy.

It makes you feel so smart.

It’s visually pleasing.

Then chocolate comes and ruins EVERYTHING, but before you realize it is of the devil- it has you sucked in.

Just kidding… Mostly. No, actually, I’m not…

7 thoughts on “Entertainment & Housekeeping…

  1. I like your new blog look!
    Parenthood DID feel like a series finale, not a season finale, huh? I thought so too. I’m still irritated by the abortion story line, too.
    Hoping to go see Silver Lining Playbook soon. After the next payday (hopefully it’ll still be in theaters).
    I’m a coffee girl, not tea. :)
    Games don’t ever make me feel smart – exactly the opposite! I can’t even figure out Nancy Drew on the PC. I just sit there, dumbly, wondering what to do; then I get bored and go make a sandwich.

      1. Well I have this weight loss one with raspberry in it.
        Fantastic! It’s the only one I have right now, but I do need to try another type!

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