Challenge completed, but…

I mentioned earlier this month, that I was accepting a Pinterest challenge to attempt 10 projects and 5 recipes that I had found on Christmas, between December 1st and the 24th… 
Here are the Pinspirations I chose, and my feelings on them… 


 It’s a little complicated to see, I know. this project was really complicated, as there was a lack of specific instructions. My husband and i both worked on it, but as cool as it seemed (using a gift box and a milk carton, as shown), it wasn’t. Real issues didn’t develop until we started trying to apply the fabric. Cool idea, poor way to do it. We plan on retrying it, in the future, but using foam board instead.


 Nail polish painting bobby pins.
Seemed like a GREAT project for kids. Gen was beyond excited to try it. Even with high quality nailpolish, it’s a gummy, sticky mess.


 I made several ferments. I was really excited to try them, but we resulted in issues when the items kept rising to the top. (which takes them from super healthy to severely dangerous.) We eventually dumped them and decided to save up and invest in actual fermenting jars.


 Adorable project! We loved them! Gen and i made a bunch of these little trees, for cards to pass out to neighbors when we delivered cookies…


 I know this hardly counts as a project… But I loved it. We did do this, only using snowflakes, over stars.
It’s a win, regardless of how “like cheating” it seems.


Another win! I loved the envelope book I made, as a gift.


GREAT project! Really adorable, BUT (BUT!!!) Don’t use Stampin up paper, (or any other paper with water based ink. HUGE mistake.)


It doesn’t work.
But, it’s adorable.


 What do you make for the guy who has everything? (made of paper anyway, which seems to be the only skill you have at making anything.)
You make him this jar. And it’s awesome.


 We reserve the right to try this project again. I was REALLY excited about this project but $30 in online paint investments later- they were never the right paint. Majorly bummed.


 Yep. See? Paper… If it’s paper, I’ve got it covered.


Yeah. Maybe it can be done, with more patience. this project was a mess and i realized i did not have time for it… 

 Maybe i am just really naive. The idea of homemade marshmellows just seemed so BIG. The whole process, in reality, was a bit like magic and i LOVED it. super fun!
(And delicious)


 My favorite project of them all. It’s almost the same color too, though a LOT smaller because I don’t have near that much jewelry. BUT- i love it…


The worst project of them all. this project was complete hell. My engineer husband, who can figure pretty much everything out AND is blessed with the patience for anything- got fed up and frustrated. We tried for hours, to perfect it. 
EVIL project. 
So I did 15 projects instead of 10. Here’s how the recipes went: 



 Good, but a bit soupier and more “fall apart” than the picture would indicate.
Probably wouldn’t do it again.




 I ended up making a ton of alterations to the recipe, so much so that you may say it ended up completely different… BUT the ones I made were AMAZING!


 BEST THING EVER. Oh my gosh. In hot cocoa. In cupcakes. By itself.


So delicious!!!! serious yum!


Good… Not nearly as amazing as the photo though.


 What else do you give the man who has everything? these.
and he will thank you.


ok. It was good. It wasn’t the best steak we’d ever had. It wasn’t easier than grilling. It was kind of the messiest way we’ve ever made steak and we might try it again, and tweek some things, though I doubt it. 
So there you go! the challenge was really fun, and as always- it’s nice to use Pinterest for more than a pretty set of things to drool over. 
For the exact pins and the direct links for each pin, you can go here
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