Escaping the sometimes…

I went to bed super late, crying over Parenthood– of course. That show has that effect on pretty much everyone who watches it. My husband, who has avoided it like the plague, suddenly decides (this season) he wants to “get into it”, so I imagine we will now be watching Parenthood, in our downtime, from the beginning. 
Not right now though, right now we are watching Homeland. CRAZY raw and intense. So glad there are only 12 episodes…
This post really isn’t about television, that was sort of a bunny trail. You see, while i went to be super late because of a tv show, I also woke up crazy-early. Initially i was annoyed at my body’s far-earlier-than-normal prompting, but that annoyance soon turned to gratitude.
My husband has a really hard few days ahead, at work. He’s beyond stressed about them, (a mounting stress) and a lot is riding on the success/failure of them. It was really nice to spend the early morning talking to/listening to him. 
I also got the RARE opportunity to facebook chat my son, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. 
Sometimes I get overcome with the “I don’t want to’s”. 
Sometimes I groan, and mumble, not wanting to crawl from my warm bed. 
Sometimes I gripe and complain, not wanting to leave the house for ____________. 
Sometimes I pretend there is nothing better to do, and spend evening after evening watching tv. 
Sometimes I hit an afternoon lull and the idea of making dinner seems torturous, so I request Chw to pick up something convenient, on his way home. 
But isn’t it during these times that life happens? No amount of warmth in my bed would be worth missing out on the opportunity to be there for my husband this morning, or to connect with Lucas. 
As much as I may feel, in the moment, that I’d rather laze in the moment- I want to be so much better about living this gift of life that I have. 
I am grateful for the chance…
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4 thoughts on “Escaping the sometimes…

  1. I like it when I have a reason to wake up early (like taking j to school) cause I like the morning sun and having a whole day. But if it's not an early day, you can't drag me out of bed early for no reason…I do love naps too…

  2. I enjoy a good nap but 8 out of 10 times I wake up feeling tired and not rejuvenated… And I do also like having a reason to be up early- once I'm up. It's the actual getting up issue that is not fun.

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