– Water Zumba
– Girl’s night out.
– HAH Journal.
– one, to two, photography adventures.
– practice Grace.
– practice Gratitude.
– Spread pink. 
Happiness at Home by Gretchin Rubin (with BFF)
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
The Walking Dead
– American Horror Story
– Pitch Perfect
– Small vacation west to do some cool things, see some even cooler friends and just try and basque in the quality time AWAY.
– Homeschool could be worse. For this, I am grateful. I need to find a way to motivate my kid to care a little. About school, about her self…
– We are going to see Peter Pan (on stage) which I am really excited about. I’ve seen it once, when I was around Gen’s age. It’s one of her favorite classic books, and being a theater lover, I KNOW she will adore it. 
– perfect a cupcake. (yes, this is a real goal.)
– swap cards
– attend my new craft club.
– make/finish our Christmas cards.
– a book cover. I know I’ve said this already, but it’s been such a crazy year! 
– Pumpkin stews, soups, breads, strudels and drinks.
– Pumpkin carving and decorating.
– soups.
– spiced smells. 
– be in water.
– consume water.
– walks, sweater clad.
– strength training.
– veggies.
– smoothies.
– patience. 
– scary/intense tv in the evenings to snuggle to, with a nice cup of cider or glass of wine.
– weekly connect/dinner/talk times.
– hopefully sneaking in a date night, or two.
– hold hands in the car, in the stores. 
– building a small, but functional, win rack.
– Chw’s office make over. 
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