The Diary of Mad Fat Girl…

No, this is not a post about me. 
Disappointed? Sorry… 
Rather, this is a bit of a review on the latest book for the Blogher Book ClubDiary of a Mad Fat Girl, by Stephanie McAfee. The opinions in this review are solely mine, as this is a compensated review, and they in no way reflect the views of Blogher. 
    Stephanie McAfee’s tale is part mystery and one hundred percent chic lit. With a story that is sometimes relatable, and occasionally completely ridiculous, she has woven a novel that did manage to hold my attention. I really enjoyed parts of this book. I honestly did laugh out loud more than once. The main character, Ace, is certainly rough around the edges, BUT considering her childhood experiences it was easy to understand why.

 The main storyline revolves around three women who work at a local southern high school and have been the best of friends since College. (two of them since middle school.) Stemming from their plots are issues of romance, betrayal, infidelity, domestic violence and about a bazillion crude and outlandish scenarios. The secondary plot would be that of the on-and-off again romance of Ace and Mason, sweethearts since middle school. Primarily though, it’s about an angry, snarky and insecure girl who acts (and speaks) before thinking, constantly, all while desperately attempting to protect herself from any and all heartbreak the world can give. 

 Overall I found the friendships in the book endearing. I loved the idea of friends from childhood still being tight today, in their 30’s. I loved the intimacy between them, and the unconditional love and acceptance/support. I wish that could have been more a focus over some of the events that take place. While it seemed like the goal of the story was that of an independent girl romance, I felt it weak on the side of romance. I didn’t ever really feel a genuineness between Ace and Mason. Honestly, i think I found the most believable and best written character to be Buster Loo, Ace’s chiweenie…
 That being said though, I could name twelve friends off the top of my head that would love this book, I just am not among them.  Also, on a sidenote, this is a pretty crass book. Some may not have an issue with that, but it isn’t normally my thing. I found it fairly abrasive and borderline offensive.{ Again, not my thing… Felt it worth the warning though. }

Regardless of whether I did or did not love the book though, is Stephanie’s publishing story. Any writer can’t help but love that! 

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