The Vow…

One day Krickitt Carpenter said a humble little prayer. She knew that there was an amazing story resting in the details of her life and her marriage- and she knew that it was a story the world needs to know. That story grossed $41.7 million last weekend, to the surprise of even the studio executives. 
Ten weeks after their walk down the aisle, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter were in a severe car accident. Krickitt suffered extensive brain trauma and as a result, lost a significant amount of her memory- including any recollection of her husband at all. Today, twenty years later they are happily married with two children. Regardless of what the film does or doesn’t portray about their journey back to marital bliss- anyone who has ever said “I do” knows just a touch of how hard that would be. 
If any two people ever had a legitimate reason to walk away from a marriage- it is them. 
But they did not. 
In an era where marriage is taken so lightly that just over 50% of people admit to thinking about their next wedding or spouse within a year of their aisle march- the commitment the Carpenters had is a little challenging to comprehend. 
“I did not fall back in love with my husband right away. It wasn’t all hearts and flowers. It was hard. I had to make the decision to stay and to try, to work through it, because that is what I had promised God that I would do. Eventually the love did come and today I am very much in love with my husband. Love and marriage are choices…” 
How beautiful is that? 
Truly beautiful… 
Getting to talk with Kim and Krickitt was an amazing experience, for me. I was caught completely off guard by their generosity of spirit and kindness. I was beyond humbled by how supportive they were of a movie that- in it’s details alone- seemed like an entirely different story. Their perspective was very much that it was God’s story to begin with, and that they believed it was told the way it needed to be. 
As Kim talked about how very much alive, non-estranged, and present their parents have been- unlike the movie’s character’s parents- something struck me. Krickitt said a prayer, and thus they handed their story over to God to tell it as it needed to be told. Thankfully Kim and Krickitt’s parents were there beside them and through their journey- but most of us can not relate to that. Most of us do sadly come from the estranged or broken home. So, even though that part of the movie wasn’t accurate- it was likely very necessary. 
With the release of the film, the Carpenter’s book was also re-released. I feel that, although the love story in the movie was lovely- their story is so much more amazing because it is real. I was honestly surprised to read a review posted to amazon that stated-  They’re journey through this hardship seemed not very romantic and loving to say the least…

How sad is that? Though not everyone would feel that way, a good portion of us would. 
And this is the mentality that leads our divorce rates to record highs. When the romance and movie-like-butterfly moments dwindle, we tend to move on. 
And I am sorry but, “Not very loving”? What is love, if it isn’t CHOOSING someone, and standing by them, no matter what- putting them first?
Which is exactly why Kim and Krickitt’s story is so amazing… Both in the book and the movie. A vow is an oath, it is a promise. It exists to be unbreakable. 

It is my sincerest hope that this story paves the path to heal hearts and marriages. I know that it is theirs as well because these are truly kind people. Easily one of the most inspiring couples I’ve ever spoken to… 

Have you seen The Vow, or read their book? 
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4 thoughts on “The Vow…

  1. No, and No I haven't. But I will now, for sure. With tears in my eyes, I agreed with everything you said about marriage being a choice to love, not a "feeling". And once you make that choice, it will be the best one you've ever made.

  2. I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but from what you've said, I will probably go with the book. I agree with you that the amazon comment was sad. Our society has no grasp on what it means to be romantic and loving. And that is making a huge impact on the brokenness of homes.

  3. What a great taste to their story. We will eventually see the movie and may read the book. I love being encouraged by Gods marriage stories!!

  4. LOL I have to admit that I didn't think it was all that romantic either. I just watched their interview on TBN and it seemed more of a duty- not that anything is wrong with doing your duty.I perhaps shouldn't comment on romantic matters myself. I'm a cynic, where I come from the infidelity rate is about 80%, it really should just be written into the vows so that at least people would be prepared for it. Whats more this sort of behaviour is so accepted that wives think you're crazy when you protest against it, they say that it's just how it goes. You Guys would approve of them though, they are very good marriage Martyrs. CheersNina

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