The post where I talk a bit about fish and movies…

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I love movies… 
LOVE them! 
And whenever possible, I try to watch them. (i.o.w- constantly) 
Next to movies, I adore movie trailers. I do! Sometimes it is the BEST part of going to the movies. 
That being said, I am really excited to share the following movie trailer with you… It belongs to a project that you’ll be hearing more about, on my blog, because I’ll be doing a bit more with it… 
Anyway, it looks INCREDIBLE and I hope you enjoy: 
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5 thoughts on “The post where I talk a bit about fish and movies…

  1. OK, I'm hooked.Is it a book, too, or an original?Because I NEED a good book.It seems like lots of movies that appeal to me have come out in the last year or so. It's about time! There was a loooong time when nothing that came out interested me. We went to the movies, but it was for the kids or the hubby.I love the trailers, too.

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