too early for gifts? this could be yours…

Holy Moly, can you believe that from today it is sixty-six days until Christmas?
Yes, i thought the same thing- and I am pretty sure that it WAS just July 4th and we’ve entered some sort of alternate reality time warp…

As anyone who really knows me could tell you, I believe in completely OCD thorough Holiday preparedness. I begin shopping early, and planning so that everything stays as stress free as possible. I have the privilege of seeing (from a distance) my best friend practice her holidays in the exact opposite manner, every year, and it makes me less annoyed at myself. :)

I could tell you though, what day we are cutting down our tree. I could tell you exactly how it will be decorated. I could tell you who I’m making gifts for, who i am buying them for and what foods I will cook vs. buy on all three celebrated winter holidays. I am typically so on top of it that every year I offer to help the a fore mentioned best friend. She never lets me. I think I scare her. Whatever. :)

This year I have partnered with Shutterfly to help three of my readers get ahead on their Holiday cards… (If you aren’t familiar with Shutterfly, then I recommend you acquaint yourself. I did my sister’s birth announcements last year and they were absolutely lovely!) They have beautiful quality and their selections are truly incomparable. {Also, on a sidenote, their new Custom Path photo books kind of rock my world and I want to make about a trillion of them…}

Anyway, back to Christmas stuff… Chw and I sat down with steaming cups of orange tea and poured over their VAST array of choices so that we could share our favorites with you.
These were our five agreed upon favorites… 

Aren’t they amazing? There were a lot of other really unique/cool cards but Chw apparently wasn’t unique or cool enough to like them… ha…Just kidding, he’s pretty freaking cool. We will definitely be choosing one of these five for this year’s Christmas card, and it will be awesome… It’s the having to choose just one that’s a little less awesome. 
Enough about us though, what about you? Because, here is the best part- Shutterfly has generously offered to giveaway 25 personalized holiday cards each to THREE of my readers!!! 
Giveaway guidelines … 
1} Go here
2} Choose your FAVORITE design. {IF you win, this DOES NOT have to be the design you go with.}
3} Link back here, in a comment. Simple right? (and fun!) {Make sure I have your email address.}
4} Giveaway will run through midnight of October 27th (one week), with the winners (THREE!!!) being announced on Friday October 28th. 
5} Twitter links count for an extra entry. {link the time stamp here}
6} Facebook links count for an extra entry. {link the time stamp here}
7} If we can get the amount of entries over 100, I’ll take take the winners to Starbucks- my treat. :) 
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24 thoughts on “too early for gifts? this could be yours…

  1. I like the retro stripe frame! And if I win, you can just use that family – they're better looking. :) Haha! Any linking and time stamping, etc, makes my slowwwww internet connection want to die with a gasp so I hope a comment is good enough to be in the runnin. You have my email. I think.

  2. 66 days until X-mas?! Are you freaking kidding me?! *hyperventilates* Shutterfly is awesome. "We Believe" folding card design is adorable!

  3. I like the first one and the third one. (Falalalalala and Film Strips) I did not choose them because they both start with F. I just like their aesthetics the best. It's too early for me to be thinking holidaze. I'll wait 'til mid-November to crash that party, but I am always in awe of people who are uber-prepared. Oh, to have that kind of time on one's hands!

  4. I love the Merry Filmstrip card. I like that you are able to showcase your favorite photos and it is a style that I have not seen before. Thanks for the chance,Julieemail knbsmommmy {at}

  5. Love the snowflakes. :)×7-flat?productCode=883993&categoryCode=93476&skuCode=883997

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