It happened in Vegas…

Dear Airport girl, 
What has it been, nineteen years, almost? Wow, time really passes. There you were, all sophisticated in your ripe old age of nineteen- and there I was, in my completely naive sixteen years of life. We met in Vegas, I believe. It seems like we had already been there for close to a day though. 
That stupid snow storm kept us grounded forever. 
Not to mention the incredibly affordable airline, which really only sucked incredibly… 
I don’t think that I thank you, then, for hanging out with me for those three days stranded between Vegas and Salt Lake. As two total strangers, from completely different lives, we had some really great talks and a lot of laughs. It was sort of like one long, unpredictable sleepover. 
Come to think of it, it would have made a great John Hughes film… 
Anyway, this letter was supposed to be to someone I only knew for one day, and technically speaking I guess I knew you for two or three, but it doesn’t matter. Nearly two decades later I still think about it, even though most of the details of disappeared, and think of it (and you) fondly. 
Thanks for the mini-friendship, your kindness, and for the adventure… 
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