Someone that pesters your mind – good or bad

While some people are pretty lucky to have an inner devil/inner angel to tease their conscience about every day decisions like what to say, what not to say, etc. I’ve known since you hit the late night talk show interview circuit and started appearing in films that I was more lucky though- because i had my very own Adam Brody living in my head. 
No, I am not crazy. 
Just sarcastic. 
And funny. 
And love great indie music, but I digress… 
I was late to learn of Seth Cohen, your other self who might just be more like you than not… 
And it confirmed it. 
You live in my head. You weigh in, sarcastically, on every thought or decision… 
Thanks for that, because to tell you the truth- you make life pretty freaking awesome. 
And hilarious… 
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