Word to your mother…

Chw, the mister of the house, began acoustic guitar lessons some weeks ago. Playing has long since been a dream of his, and I am so proud of him for going for it. At any rate, last night he decided to meet up with a friend for a movie following his lesson. In an effort to somehow cope with his absence, Gen and I decided to make an evening of it. 
What began with some scrumptious tostadas, root beer and a plan to watch So You Think You Can Dance ended up with this… 
  • I am sorry it is so bright behind her, but really that might be better… trust me. 
  • If you happen to have Superman eyes and can see through the beams to notice that Genny’s t shirt is an oversized (used to be her daddy’s) Larry the Cumber shirt (from Veggie Tales), I assure you that he was not harmed, victimized or at all wounded in this routine. 
  • Speaking of routines, yes we did manage to break away from the Glee Karaoke to watch SYTYCD. {did you really think that I was so fickle and wavering in my faithfulness???}
  • too bad she’s such a shy wallflower, isn’t it? such a shame… 

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