The Summer We Came to Life…

First off, I wanted to welcome you back for book two of our summer book club! I have been asked by several people if I would consider extending the club from August to September and I’ve decided to do that! 
I am REALLY Excited to read our June-July novel! 
You can read about the book by simply clicking either or both links above. I’m sure, if you participated in last month’s book, you’ll notice there are a few similar themes. I’m excited about that. I have read wonderful press on this book and think it’s a great fit for our little group! 
Make sure to send me a note or come back and leave a comment if you plan on joining us! 
Happy reading… 
New to the club, or need a reminder? 
Here’s how it works: 
– On the 3rd Monday of each summer month, {May, June, July, August} I will post that month’s summer title. 
– On the Friday BEFORE “announcement Monday” I will put a post up about the book, and we can discuss. {Of course, last summer many discussion happened, in many formats, between those dates- and that is absolutely fine.} 
That’s it… One book per month (easy commitment) with the benefit of connecting with other’s who are also reading it… Couldn’t ask for a better summer goal! 
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite book mark, convince your sister or best friend to join us and head to your local library or book store and start reading today… {And then come back on July 15th…}

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