Whine and Confessions…

– I am sure i’ve expressed on this blog countless times that i am not a fan of change. For five years now, my youngest has been on the waiting list for an amazing school which has the potential to help her so much educationally while furthering her in the directions in which she’s passionately headed. Towards the end of this homeschool year I was really starting to hope and pray that this would be the year that she would finally make it in. I feel like she’s getting to the point where she needs more than I can give her, AND it has just become such a battle, some days. 
So, we got the call, this week, that she made it in. (WOO HOO!) And now, now I’m freaking out… 
– Our family had dental appointments this week. Gen needs oral surgery and braces. It’s a mess. I need to have some repair work done, and a tooth filled. We don’t have dental insurance. Mess… 
– I started seeing a naturalpath. There was a lot leading up to this, but ultimately it was right for me. I knew the initial cost was big, and had saved for it. What i was NOT aware of was that she’d want to see me every 10 days for 40-50 days- at $100+, per visit. 
– Genny needs to go get an eye exam and get new glasses. 
– Chw needs new contacts. 
– We have a very modest family vacation planned and it’s starting to feel like it will have to be completely chopped because within the course of a week we have all of this stuff that needs to be paid for. On top of car repair, normal living expenses, membership dues and renewals. And back to point 1: Uniform costs. Band Instrument costs. Book fees. Embroidery fees. And school starts in just over two months. How is that possible? 
– Which leads me to point out that though I’d have more time to write, (Woo hoo) and such, and my time with Gen would (likely) be much more peaceful- I just realized we would lose our complete time flexibility…
– Yesterday my new doctor asked me what my stress level was. I told her 2. Good thing she hasn’t asked today, it would be 12. 
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4 thoughts on “Whine and Confessions…

  1. Praying for you. Maybe this time next year, you'll be able to look back at this week and say, "Wow! That was such a turning point. It was hard, and it sucked at the time, but look where we've ended up! It's amazing."Let me know how the naturalpath helps you. That's on my list for myself, after other expenses get out of the way! I've had ongoing energy/sleep issues for a few years now.

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