Say No To The Dress…

I haven’t really mentioned it before, but for a (too small) chunk of time we’ve had a completely awesome girl named Aubree living with us. We met Aubree last year when she blindly agreed to nanny for us for a short period of time while I attempted to balance writing and homeschool. The months where I had her help were wonderful, but when last summer came I found that I was nowhere near more balanced than I had been pre-Aubree. 
Anyway, Aubree is here and lovely. She’s brought a really fun element to every day family life. 
One thing about Aubree, that is key to this post is that Aubree is engaged. 
Like many a someday bride-to-be, Aubree is interested in wedding things. 
On the rare occasion, conversations about wedding photographers, wedding cake designers, centerpieces, reception styles and wedding dresses take place. 
Genny loves this. 
Like many a girl-who-dreams-of-becoming-a-bride, many a conversation is centric around similar things. Those of you who know Genny know that she has notebook upon notebook full of sketches and plans for her and her beloved’s nuptial day… 
So, one day we are watching Say Yes To The Dress, {Thanks to Aubree} when I could see the wheels in Gen’s head begin spinning. Magically she caught glimpses of these fit-for-a-queen dresses as well as their $10-14,000 price tags. Teasingly she joked about bankrupting her dad and I with her dream wedding. Candidly (though she was certain I was kidding) I responded. 
A little while later though, less fun spirited, she mentioned her wedding again. 
G- I know I can’t get a wedding gown that is fourteen thousand dollars, but what is a reasonable budget? 
Yes, she’s twelve. 
M- well, since we’ve got a little time I can’t be certain but I’m thinking no more than five or six hundred dollars. Again, we have time, so I’m not sure. 
G- What?!?! I can’t even find a dress for that price! 
M- Technically speaking, you could find a dress for $50 depending on how creative you want to be upon looking for it. 
Needless to say, I have a feeling this discussion isn’t over. All I have to say is, it’s good that she’s all about the fashion design… Perhaps she needs to stop planning her chocolate and nacho cheese fountain reception and start working on dress design. In fact, after all of these years of struggling to find consequences that work for her, I’m thinking that I may finally have my bargaining chip… 
It’s too bad you chose to steal _____________, that’s $25 off your dress budget. 

Oh, did you seriously just rip that t-shirt to shreds? Well, another $15 off your dress budget. 
If she plays her cards right, she’ll be buying US beautifully designed clothes for this completely hypothetical wedding. 
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11 thoughts on “Say No To The Dress…

  1. i love the idea of a nacho cheese fountain wedding. girl's got inspiration.i suppose at 12 you don't have a *fantastic* concept of how much stuff costs, but 'say yes to the dress' is such a frightening show. totally takes away anyone's concept of what really matters in a wedding.which, as we all know, is the cake.

  2. Judith… playing my cards right and will introduce her to Lisa down the road when we have a real wedding :) she is my ace in the hole!

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