Journaling {week three}

.In my life this week…
I had the unexpectedly cool opportunity to reconnect with my high school BFF. I never thought it was something that would happen, and it pretty much pushed everything remotely cool out of the way. :) 

Second follow up, on the coolness scale though, would be Pinterest… addictive, but so cool. 
In our homeschool this week…
We went on a field trip to our local Bird’s of Prey center. I felt like I learned just as much as Gen, if not more… I totally planned on uploading photos this evening, but it was a packed night and I just didn’t get to it… 

Geometry (6th grade) brought us some challenges and we had to wait for Dad to get home and intervene. (Thank God for daddies!) 

Genny wrapped up her language arts curriculum! I am so excited… SO close to being done!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
This weekend we are going to the Farmer’s Market and taking my two awesome little nephews (5 & 6) out on a date. I love it when we get quality time with them! Not sure yet, what we will do. The world is our oyster… 
Also, fingers crossed (and rain clouds staying away) that we might make it to the drive in theater… 
My favorite thing this week was…
Easily the sunshine. Even thought it’s been a little cooler than I’d like, the sunshine trumps everything! 
What’s working/not working for us…
I’ve been thinking a lot about next year and a few things we’ll have to do differently. We’ve been in “auto function” mode for a few months, in some areas and now that the school season is almost over- i’ve been content to keep them that way. Sure enough though, I’ll be researching idea to help our routine more. 
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
curious as to how much of the summer other moms devote to planning out the following school year? 
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10 thoughts on “Journaling {week three}

  1. It's so nice to meet you! Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. I look forward to following your blog. Was your first novel published? How exciting. I'd love to be published one day, in what subject, I have no idea! I created my blog in hopes that something I wrote would comfort, encourage, help or support another woman..I've found so many homeschooling mothers to be generous, open, and willing to share experiences. In answer to your summer question – I chose to homeschool year-round in order to create the most flexibility for our family. But I do plan to take a few weeks off in July. I've been sorting through curriculum ideas since March. My few weeks off will be for writing my year-end assessment, purging and filing. I find it easier to plan for the following year in early Spring. I usually have a good idea what is working/isn't working and what each child needs. Have a blessed weekend!Carrie

  2. Birds of Pray…sounds fabulous!Don't be jealous of us being finished…we started in July….it's time for a little break. We have a vacation planned and I'll be planning next school year's curriculum to make things a little easier on me……I've never fully planned…gone by the plans provided, but need to change things up a bit….I will probably take a full month to plan it out…..Thanks for dropping by! I can't wait to read more of your sweet blog!

  3. Hi there. Another interesting post. Homeschooling was not really even talked about when my young were growing up. But it must be great to be able to share so much with your children and to be so involved in their learning. But at least I did have a few hours each day to do 'grown up' things.By the way, because I do enjoy reading about a life that is so very different to mine I have nominated you for a Versatile Bloggers Award – a great weekend with your children and your nephews. It's great when the children get together. I had all my four big (and getting bigger) grandsons together on Thursday. They don't do this often so it was special for all of us.Judith

  4. I love learning about homeschooling…it's a dream I hope we're in a position to follow when our toddler and new (soon to be) baby get toward that age. Talk about a family adventure!And sunshine…oh hallelujah for that one!! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. SO happy you popped by my place. Because it prompted me to pop by yours…and I'm bonding everywhere. :) I'm reading One Thousand Gifts. I hate "about me" crap too! I also wait for daddy to help with Math. (and my guy is only in 4th! Yikes!) I find auto-pilot to be very comfy. (which is exactly the trouble with reading other homeschooling blogs. I always feel like a lazy bum which forces me to try and throw together a craft or something…anything…just to feel better about my homeschool-y self) Anyway…(((hugs))) because I'm 50% Italian…and we're huggy like that. …danielle

  6. I usually get the major part of my planning done in early spring. I do bits and pieces and by the time August comes – I am finished because August is when we vacation.

  7. Amem concerning Daddies! I don't think I've done math with my oldest for over a year and it is a good thing! My poor son would still be in pre-alegebra if he was getting help with mom!

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