Strangely enough, there is an entire world that exists, at 3 in the morning.Who knew? 
Genny is doing the standardized, (aka: bubble) tests this week, so we are up and out of the house earlier than we are normally accustomed. Yesterday morning, though a little tired, I was loving it. I had managed descent enough sleep the night before- knowing full well that a migraine would have to be worked around if I didn’t. 
Surprise, surprise. Got one anyway… 
We were about 20 minutes short of wrapping up day one of bubble filling with number two pencils, when it started. By the time those twenty minutes ticked by, the idea of driving home, much less getting home and cooking lunch, were both overwhelming. I decided to stop by a favorite place and grab a healthy lunch before heading home to medicate and sleep. Managed to remember, after finding downtown parking, that my wallet was in my husband’s glove box from our trip to Amanda’s volleyball game the night before. Made it home and through grilled havarti sandwiches and a cup of roasted tomato and red pepper soup before I could make it no longer. Unfortunately for me, sleep and medication were not the magic fix all and the migraine continues… 
After a miserable evening in which I lay/sit in misery, while my family went rollerblading, I tried the magic cocktail of medication and sleep again. A few hours passed, but it was the headache that woke me, just before 3. 
At three, my tivo records… Though, for the life of me I can not figure out what. The prospect of crossing the room to solve said mystery seems intimidating. I fear I would plant myself on the couch and lose hours in said Tivo’s lineup. TV never helped a headache. Before you say “neither did the computer”, allow me to explain… You’re right. But, at this point, the only thing that does help is sitting up and not moving my head. It’s late/early (3:46 now, to be exact) and I am tired. At least, at the computer, I can be a little productive… 
Which must be the same reason I have a ton of people on my FB im at this ridiculous hour. 
Not to mention the people tweeting… 
Or the neighbor, whose car is running. 
What the heck? Does the entire world have a migraine? 
I glanced out my office window and found myself feeling reassured that all is right with the world, due to the darkened house across the street. That is when reality kicked in and I remembered that it’s residents travel in their motor home some ten months out of the year… 
Remind me again why they have a house? 
Plus I’m a little hungry. Haven’t eaten since that sandwich and soup, but going to the kitchen to eat something seems to interfere with the current plan of not moving my head at all. Dilemmas, dilemmas… 
Pretty much though, I’ll take a growling belly if it means only moderate pounding and aching in my head. The approaching reality of driving into a sunrise, sitting for another four hours of testing and making it home with a migraine seems a bit too much. sort of like this stupid blog post. Can we say lame??? 
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7 thoughts on “Blogaches…

  1. I can relate with the headache thing and it waking you up and actually the whole 3 in the morning thing of the world going on. Seems the older I get the more headaches I get, think it must be a hormonal thing at least that's what I blame all unexplained things on:)

  2. first off, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog…for so many reasons your comment touched me and I want to thank you for that!second, I totally understand and get you about the headache…I get migraines all the time. boo. I also had my ovaries removed and since then migrianes 'try' to rule my world. I feel for you babe!

  3. i really liked this post and didn't find it at all lame. you are a really good writer. i felt like i was wandering around your house with you.i hate migraines i suffer from them pretty regularly as well. they are no fun at all.

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