Been Thinkin’…

I have been thinking about things, lately…
some of it is just stuff. some of it’s more. This time, last year, as I was surrounded by people who were decreasing their possessions and tossing stuff to ring in the new year, I was sitting around saying “no way! not my books!” or “no way! not my music!” But this year I’m singing a different tune…
So I’ve been thinking-
– that I’m going to reread every non antique or classic book I own. If I don’t absolutely love it, I’m passing it on.
– i am going to start going through dvds and cds. If we haven’t watched it in over 18 months and aren’t really in the mood to watch it now, i’m passing it on.
– i am going to stop making “life” vision boards and begin doing annual ones. I’m working on mine throughout the week, and hoping Chw will do the same. Now that Gen’s 11 I think it’s high time she gets one as well.
– i am through with negativity. I just can’t take it anymore and I don’t have to. There is nothing wrong with saying “no” to people, even people you love. There is nothing wrong (at all) with creating a little distance in a relationship, because a person’s attitude is emotionally draining.
– i am going to learn something new, every month. Big or small, I don’t care. I love learning, and I want to focus on learning things that interest me. enough with the personal guilt that I am “supposed” to do certain things…
– am going to photograph every day, NOT for work… I have been doing this, and originally planned to ring in the new year with a 365 BUT my laptop rang in the new year by dying. Chw salvaged everything, {yay! What a man!} and reformatted it but it’s not quite ready yet, so my memory card sits with it’s belly bloated of photos… I figure, as long as I’m taking them, I’ll just post them when I can. Until then, I’m grateful that he has been willing to share his laptop with me. :)
– I am going to do this
So that’s all… what’s been on your mind, so far?

6 thoughts on “Been Thinkin’…

  1. Yes, yes, yes…. I have the very same prolem with books and have made a similar commitment to start purging those I don't absolutely love. CDs and DVDs too. I have waaaaayyy too much clutter in my life.

  2. since i am in a post-simplify stage of my life, i want to make sure i don't just start adding stuff again without really needing it. but i am also more in a position now, with zion being almost 2 to start serving more again and have already started – so excited!!

  3. Oiy the clutter! I will send you out a rousting "you go girl" and dream of joining in but in reality I will probably just get distracted and drown in my own negative self talk. :(

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