How many of us moms LOVE Christmas?

Seriously? How many of us love the gift shopping, wrapping and giving, to those people we love most? (Many of us, I know, forego the shopping and make every gift they exchange by hand! Now that is some REAL devotion!)
There is nothing I love more than buying gifts to shower my kids, husband and family with. Seriously, NOTHING. I love it.
I was reading an article, recently, though which was talking about how moms are the ones who pour the most work and effort into Christmas gifts, and receive the least. While I know a few moms who do complain about this part of their Christmas, most of the mom’s i know, don’t even notice this fact. The gift is in the giving, we say. (and even better, we mean it!)
Well ladies, things are about to change!
Nikke and I have decided to host a swap.
An extra special swap. A make you feel thought of swap.
Here’s how it works:
Once you enter, you will be given a partner (these will NOT be across the board swaps) whom you will have roughly 3 weeks to put together a stocking for. How you choose to fill the stocking, with what you choose to fill the stocking, what you choose to spend and/or make is all up to you! (the one non-negotiable thing is there MUST be a stocking) We do ask that you take your recipients list into complete consideration… how many times do we say “It’s the thought that counts”? Here’s our chance to take our own advice, and really appreciate the results…
Be as thoughtful and creative as possible because we want our girls to feel thought of. This is to pay us moms back for all of our effort…
Your packages must be postmarked no later than DECEMBER 15th.
And just remember, you get one too! Santa’s stocking full of surprises, JUST FOR YOU!
And then, respond to your gift sender with a real life, paper letter, touchable “thank you” note. We have to insist that this is a requirement. it is EQUALLY as important, as the swap itself! :)
oh yeah- and spread the word to the other “moms” in your life!
(and one last word of advice: do not search google images for “stockings”. Ugh.)
How to enter:
1} Copy and paste the questions below.
2} email them to ourconsonance{at}gmail{dot}com
3} patiently wait until you are assigned a swapper.

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Blog Address (if you have one):
Plans to travel over Christmas (so we can insure your package arrives in time):
1} What time of day are you at your best? Morning, Afternoon or Night
2} What are your favorite colors?
3} What is the one thing you do, for yourself, to wind down?
4} If you could sit on Santa’s knee and ask for one tangible thing this Christmas, what would it be?
5} What about one non-tangible thing?
6} What is your favorite childhood memory, of Christmas?
7} What is your favorite character trait, about yourself?
8} What do you like the most about yourself?
9} What do you like the least about yourself?
10} Not considering people or career info, what are your top ten favorite things?
11} Do you collect anything?
12} Things that annoy you?
13} Do you see yourself with a personal style? If so, What is it?
14} Do you feel you have a particular decorating style? If so, What is it?
15} A day to yourself would look like this:
16} do you have any allergies and/or dietary/skin restrictions?
17} If you had $50 to spend ON YOURSELF, at any store- what store would you choose?
18} Your perfect shopping center would include what five stores?
19} What two eateries?
20} What is your favorite food?
21} Do you have an hobbies?
22} Please tell us anything else about yourself, so that your stocking stuffer gets to know you as best as possible…

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One thought on “SWAP…

  1. What a GREAT idea! I love it! I'm in! Can I post this on my blog? I'm pretty darn sure there's some whipped out, wacked out moms over there (and I know who 4 of them are just off the top of my head 'cause we just had a long chat about this on FB yesterday) who will jump at the chance. You do realize it will grow with leaps and bounds and become a viral thing if I do that. How awesome would that be?? But can you handle the load?

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