{You Capture- Depth of Field}

Honestly, I couldn’t decide what to shoot… so i sort of shot a lot of nonsense…

And then Paisley, because she’s super cute and such a diva. She loves having this silly ribbon tied around her neck. (It’s attached to her collar so it can’t choke her) She really struts around like she’s the belle of the ball…

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15 thoughts on “{You Capture- Depth of Field}

  1. hey almost didn't recognize it lol you changed again!dogs are so funny sometimes.. my old dog, had a doggie hat one that had ear holes and when she had it on it was like "I'm sooooo beautiful" look about her lol.. it was hilarious!

  2. Really awesome – love the two different perspective ones. And your dog too :) Our dog used to love his bandanna's.

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