{You Capture- Spring}

On Saturday Genny and I were out and about doing some errand and market shopping. We passed this lone, blooming tree and it was extraordinary. Planted square in the middle of this vast parking lot was this tree with the most unique blossoms I’d ever seen- just reaching for heaven.
I made the mental note to return to that very parking lot, camera in hand, to capture my Spring shots…
And there are a few very good reasons why I didn’t.
One would be the massive migraine that set in, just a few hours later, and the massive misery which ensured, ruining much of the weekend and ranging in intensity through early wednesday…
Two would be that, although we technically became a two car family again- the next day- we are pretty much still a one car family because the second car isn’t exactly working. Le’ sigh…
And three, well… the funny thing about the third reason is that it actually moved in and stole my spring you capture spotlight…
We were hit with several storms, but this one- this one was huge and amazingly awesome. (we also had a fantastic shower of gum drop sized hail, but I love my camera so i was not about to go out…)

Quick note about those last two shots. the clouds were moving SO fast. They were literally shot one right after the other. If I can figure out how to take the photos from Chw’s iphone and blog them, I will because he was in Boise and took pictures of the storm over our neighborhood. Straight out of a sci-fi/horror movie, is what it looked like. Brought back tornado memories…

Stretched out right over our house. :) Beautiful… of course, a photo could NEVER do it justice…
And these last two have nothing to do with storms, or spring (unless you count the springs inside of the couch) but I had to share… We bought this 1960’s couch (or divan, as my grandmother would correct me) for the office we’ve been redoing, upstairs. I LOVE it!!! (and so does Makaila. she is glued to it’s side whenever possible. She’s so pretty…)

For more YOU CAPTURE shots, check out Beth’s site

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24 thoughts on “{You Capture- Spring}

  1. We've had some storms, but have yet to have a really bad one. Living in tornado land, I cross my fingers we have a mild spring ;)

  2. Oh I love the couch! It looks so bright and cheery. Your stormcloud photos are so dramatic, can't wait until we get our first good thunderstorm here.

  3. I thought that first pic of the dog and the couch was like from a website or something.. then I had to take a second read and it was your dog. She's super pretty! Hope all is well deary – Been lovin' the storms haven't ya… :) me too! Hugs, sj

  4. Great storm pictures, Storms are great things but can be a bit scary sometimes. I love the rainbow shots, I bet that it looked fantastic in real life.

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