late night ramblings…

Well… We didn’t win the lottery.

Keep in mind, we don’t actually play. Well, sometimes. Sometimes, when the pot gets so big we feel like it’s our responsibility to buy a ticket. We like to believe that, as our pipe-dream plans are unselfish, our odds are better.

Yes, there are times we reside in a fantasy land. There is a line in this book that talks about a rocking unicorn which transports a baby to a mystical forest, supervised by wood nymphs. I laughed out loud because I’ve been there. In fact, I keep that very unicorn locked away inside my closet…

so yeah, no lottery. Which is a bummer. My kid has outgrown most of her clothes… I feel the need to point that out- here and now. The lottery would have helped that a bit, but it’s alright. There is always something that a nice humongous chunk of money could help with. I wish it wasn’t so. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of money. I’ve seen what living with more of it can do to a family, to a marriage, to a heart. We’ve had the sad experience of having good, compassionate friends transform into self involved and manipulative people because of economic harvests…

I don’t want to need money. Even more sad is that I know, in these times, we are not alone. I truly fear how bad it can get. I grew up with a grandmother washing and hand drying bread bags because the great depression had significantly impacted her life. The lessons she tried imparting on my life, from the age of my earliest memories, are all scrambled together now. Now, when I kick myself for not listening… I cut myself some slack, because I was a kid. But what about the ones who weren’t little? I hope that, in these times, I’m able to somehow help Genny not make the same mistakes… There is a fine line between sharing wisdom and nagging…

I just want to to be more self sufficient. Depend less on economic roller coasters… I just don’t know how to get from here to there…

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4 thoughts on “late night ramblings…

  1. I think you just spoke the thoughts of many right there! I think having my kids growing out of clothes is so difficult – and what’s worse, I have four who do that regularly and usually at the same time. God blessed us with hand-me-downs being COOL. I have two girls and two boys in that order – see, He was planning ahead!

  2. Iknow what you mean. We have been so blessed not to really feel much of the crisis… well I know also it could be a lot worse! I’ve changed quite a few things and I think this experience (hopefully it is just that… an experience not a hardship)is for the better for me as far as learning to be thrifty and not wasteful!

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