Handmade consequences…

Oh… Some days ago Chicaustin posted, in all of her cleverness, about a flikr group she’d joined. It was chronicling the handmade things they’d created in 2008.
With it being my most handmade year ever, I knew I had to play along…
EXCEPT- Apparently I, she who practically lives with my Canon in front of my face, didn’t take pictures. Or at least, many, that is. I made an additional quilt, SOOO many sets of monogrammed stationary, another apron, a children’s apron, recipe cards and seriously- just a ton more stuff.
I mean, I flippin’ stressed myself out FOR MONTHS, doing this handmade Christmas thing! Then, I was reminded of something KL said to me when she was here. She mentioned me not following through with my Advent thing, on this blog.
And I didn’t.
and it was such a cool idea too.
Then I remembered all of the things I vowed to post and never did.

And I realized what my problem is… I stick way too much on my to do list and can’t possibly get to it all… Sure, snapping a photo of a project wouldn’t take more than a nano second- but when my mind (and to-do list) are racing with seven thousand other things needing my attention- well… I guess it’s a little harder.

So this year, in 2009, I vow to change that.
I vow to stop and take deep breaths. I vow to take time to note my progress.
(and here’s the big one….)
I vow to not commit to it, if I can’t do it.

P.S. I hate flickr.

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12 thoughts on “Handmade consequences…

  1. I love all your homemade items. Good luck to your vows you mentioned…. its no fun when you get stressed out over something you enjoy doing.

  2. I truly want that for both you AND me.. I over commit all the time and end up disappointing myself.. which then turns into really negative feelings..ps.. why do you hate flickr??

  3. I am awful about documenting my own accomplishments. It’s ridiculous stuff like remembering to take a photo of a room before I paint it, or a photo of a shirt after I’ve embroidered it. So ridiculous!So, yeah, I feel you.

  4. My goodness.. it seems most of us are a little guilty of these things. (not noting our accomplishments and finishing what we say we will.) I am surprised at all of the flickr concern… :) oh, let me list the reasons. 1) you have to use a yahoo account, which I don’t really use so I continually forget the info. (sad, i know.) 2) it’s not very simplified. 3) when I was trying to create the mosaic it seriously took over an hour because it kept refreshing and losing everything.

  5. I’m not a big over-commiter so I guess that is a good thing. I love all your homemade items, especially the apron, quilt and of course the adorable Twilight ornament. I’d love to know more about what went into that.

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