Crap… or is it???

Well… I received this little gem from Cooking Mom and I was really honored that she thought of me and this little blog at all!

Here are the rules:

“When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!”


1} The majority of the handmade gifts I’m giving, which were sewn, are TRAGICALLY Flawed- and I don’t care…

2} When a movie or song/album really strikes my fancy, I get incredibly obsessed. As of late, no surprise, this honor goes to Twilight. (Both the movie and the soundtrack) Though I officially think I’m over it. (at least in re: to the movie…)

3} I keep tweezers by the potty… It’s true. I am a compulsive tweezer. Ever since this one day, ages ago, when Rosie O’donell still had her own talk show and would talk about her one chin hair. Of course, at that time, I had no chin hairs… And then I turned 30.
So yeah… I obsessively check. and pluck. :(

4} I have little routines for odd things, and most of the time there is no rhyme or reason. Case in point: Get to the movie theater, order a drink, pee, get a straw (or popcorn salt, or napkins. whatever), go to theater, sit in middle/middle. EVERY TIME… If I skip a step, I feel antsy through the whole flippin’ movie… But it’s not just with the movies, its everything. I have a way I walk through Target, people… and veering off of the course? BAD. VERY BAD…

5} I love cold leftovers. Mongolian noodles are the best. Chw thinks I’m nuts because he can’t eat anything unless it’s reheated.

6} When we lived in NY, we had a local dairy deliver milk to our door. This was the first time i EVER remember loving milk. Of course, this was pre-parenthood and so I knew nothing about the difference between organic and non-organic. Years later (in michigan, and me no longer in love with milk. Again.) we had to switch to organic for Genny. Guess what? It tastes just like that NY dairy…

7} I have a tattoo that my ex boyfriend drew for me, years after I married Chw.

8} This is the first year in over a decade that I haven’t mailed my Christmas cards by December 1st…

9} I love foot massages. I hate pedicures.

10} I know someone who went to school with Vanilla Ice…

As for my seven:

Renee. Just found her… LOVE her writing style…

June Cleaver Nirvana. I haven’t stalked Holly in awhile and honestly, I just miss it. Besides, she’s amazing…

Sweet Funky Vintage. OH. MY. Gosh. Seriously… I needn’t explain.

Noble Pig. Because i just love everything about this blog. Brilliance abounds around every punctuation mark.

Katie’s Calamities. Yes, she’s my friend. Who cares? I personally think she is brilliant. Knowing her makes life feel brilliant and darn it, i love her posts!

Ashley Forrette. Because she’s brilliantly (and feverishly) talented…

160 Acre Woods. I’ve been a fan of Amy’s for a really long time now. I love that, regardless of the day, there is always something deep or relatable to be found, by me, on her blog. It’s so easy to fill our blogs with fluff… Amy is refreshing.

Last weeks Advents: involved day trips, field trips, movies and recipes… I’ve just been so loaded down with work to document it all…

Last week Creatively: involved baking, working with glass, painting, hand stitching and beading… but I have the same lousy excuse. This week is CRAZY with work- but I will try to do better.

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16 thoughts on “Crap… or is it???

  1. Oooh, thanks for the blog love! We are bad bloggers lately because we are crazy busy (amphasis on CRAZY)….but stay tuned, we’ll have time soon (insert evil cackle here! )Merry Christmas!Liz

  2. Amanda, It’s true… And then we saw him on some reality show years ago. That guy is NUTS… but still, I will 6 degrees of separation myself to him for narcissistic purposes. :)

  3. I can’t eat anything unless it’s reheated either, so I’m with your husband on that one. :)what a fun list! And yay you for winning another blog award! You totally deserve it.

  4. You are just the sweetest. Thanks so much. I have been horribly absent from the internet lately and feel really guilty about it so I really, really appreciate the stalking (even when periodic)! There are a few on your list that I don’t know and will have to go check out. My husband has that routine thing where he has to do certain things before certain events so I identify with the movie thing well.

  5. How do they show up so suddenly? The chin hairs, I mean. Have you ever gone through a whole day, confident that you look your best, and come home and looked in the mirror and seen one of those things?? Like — how did a quarter-inch chin hair grow in since this morning??I can deal with the middle-age sag, the gray hairs I kind of like, even the wrinkles don’t bother me, but dear Lord deliver me from those chin hairs!

  6. okay laffin.. i am a compulsive tweezer too.. never watched the show but that one hair.. oh yes.. i know i’ve got one.. in the spot where i had stitches in my chin since i was 5.. it’s the most annying thing ever! i’ll have to see what i can come up with!

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