So, here’s the thing…

It’s never a good sign when one is up, yelling at their sewing machine at 2 a.m. while watching Drive Me Crazy on HBO Family…

Confession: I have a soft spot for 90’s teen centered romance flicks. This is a sad, sad truth I share with you. (and I do make this confession with my very own midnight Twilight tickets in hand, so I guess this illness isn’t simply reserved for those high school films of the 90’s…)

Anyhow- I know things have been pretty funkaliciously quiet around rainy day in may. Le’ Sigh… I believe I’m stuck in some odd form of life block. I’m exhausted, feverish, sad, unable to sleep and achy. I’d suspect a flu, if this wasn’t an ongoing/repetitive illness. (Thanks Deb, for pointing that out…) The popular consensus around chez’ Wagner is that I’m just exhausted. So yeah, I’m sorry for my lack of blog worthy goodness…

At some point this week I will upload photos off of my Canon from Chw & Genny’s excursion to the local masquarade ball. :) It was a charming experience for both of them. It would have been a truly charming experience for me, had I been able to make it to my friend’s little girl’s night in party. Dang it…
Instead I was home, with my cozy fleece blanket and my couch. I was tired and lethargic. It would have been joyous had I felt even a .5 percent better than I was. These late, sleepless nights feel eternal. Thankfully my sister came over on Friday night. We watched movies, laughed, cried and looked at OLD photos until 4:30 in the morning… It was really nice.

I’m rambling…

So, one positive thing I have to state- (which leads to the start of this point regarding rage towards my sewing maching)- I’ve been working on our handmade Christmas. I’m feeling great about it. I’ve accomplished quite a bit and, finally, am not feeling so overwhelmed about it. That’s a relief.

Care to hear about my week? I have a slew of meetings, school stuff, work stuff, a few major deadlines, a pretty big party to throw, invitations (for our Christmas party) to get in the mail, more gifts to make, normal domestic duties to take care of, four photo shoots, grocery shopping for thanksgiving and a quilt to finish. Easy peasy right? (Say yes… please. I beg you… My husband is literally FREAKING OUT of what lays ahead for me to conquor… well, not right now. He’s sleeping right now. But pre-sleeping, (and all weekend actually) so I need a pep squad and where else to turn but my blog?

Ok… I am going to try to get a little sleep. I’ve heard things are better once that’s done.

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11 thoughts on “So, here’s the thing…

  1. Is it wrong that I just felt anxiety over the fact that I don’t have tickets for Twilight yet?I’m sorry your feeling so blah. I feel it too, but not quite as severe as you. I think my SAD has started. It’s been rainy and dark here. And when I flipped the calendar page to November the note my husband wrote on NOV 1 was there waiting for me, “Beth, You have SAD.” He did this so that when this year came around we wouldn’t spend half the season trying to figure out why I was so miserable. Try to sleep. Try not to stress about that stuff. Holidays SHOULD be fun.

  2. lol sounds like a crazy week. with renos here it’s hard to say anything is happening. I’m done most everythign as far as our kids and Christmas since we celebrate Sinterklaas day with gifts instead of at Christmas.

  3. A few years ago, we simplified the holidays. It wasn’t easy, and hurt some feelings, but you can’t be centered, balanced, when so many things are pulling at you. I would get sick every year before our huge Christmas Eve party. I finally got my body’s message to me, and we have scaled back a LOT. I’ve been meaning to read this book. Looks interesting:

  4. Oh my, it’s contagious. You described exactly how I’ve been feeling. It’s making life very hard. I’m so sorry for you!Hey, I got a T-shirt yesterday! From you? It was my only guess since it says “Just Be Pink!” Love it! xo!

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