What I know Vs. What I don’t…

KnowThe Mist is an utterly stupid movie… And not one to watch when your home is currently under invasion of creepy insects…

Don’t Know– How some amazing movies get pushed to DVD immediately while others (ehem, The Mist) get made, marketed and the whole sha-bang!

Know– That despite my current condition I’ve had dinner on the table every night, and a pluthera of duties met throughout the day.

Don’t Know– why the husband and girl-child can not really be of help. Husband tries, but then complicates everything by opening his mouth. Same scenario with the daughter, sans “trying”…

Know– I got a really great letter in the mail today from my BFF’s daughter Jenna, who is currently in Boot Camp for the army.

Don’t Know– if her birthday (which is today) will be a remotely fun one. (how could it be, really???)

Know– I sat down to edit a really big project, only to find it missing from my office computer.

Don’t Know– Where it went.

Know– Chw was in the garage putting gas in the mower and felt something on his neck. It was a giant Earwig. (*Gasp*)

Don’t Know– How I feel about that… I was mad at him, but even so…

Know– That I really don’t want to move.

Don’t Know– That we get much say in the matter but cross your fingers with me, will ya?

Know– I have a pretty important meeting tonight that I don’t want to attend because I can barely walk across my darn house…

Don’t Know– that there is anyway I can get out of it, short of death. (Which could have happened if The Mist had been even 14 minutes longer…)

Know– That I’m blissfully happy for Nicole Kidman and her (finally) little baby.

Don’t know– how screwed up her’s and Tom’s adopted kids will be.

Know– That my reader is way fuller than it should be at 1:21 in the morning.

Don’t Know– If I can stay up to read them all.

Know– I am so tired.

Don’t know– if i can sleep, i hurt so badly.

Know– Iced tea is wonderful.

Don’t know– why rivers don’t flow with it.

Know– that I am rambling out of late night something-or-other…

Don’t know– Anything really blog worthy to say…

Know– That I don’t understand Facebook.

Don’t Know– the purpose or point of the afore mentioned social network…

Call me clueless… at 1:30 in the morning, I don’t know much… But I’m reading an Elizabeth Berg book that I’m on the fence about, so I just needed a distraction.

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21 thoughts on “What I know Vs. What I don’t…

  1. I think all of that is perfectly blog worthy.Facebook was better back in the day when there weren’t so many quizzes and games to sign up for and play. Just straightforward communication.I signed up to keep in touch with many of our teens. They respond faster to a FB message than an e-mail or voice mail.

  2. The whole losing something on your computer HAS to be one of the most frustrating things ever! Well, other than having a complete computer meltdown.I hope things get better for you soon and that no earwigs land on YOUR neck.

  3. this was a great post. My husband complicates the trying bit by opening his mouth as well. I mean come on, I’m sure you can figure out what do on your own when we are out of paper towels…..

  4. I’m with the majority–Facebook is a mystery. Actually, I really don’t get or have time for any social networks. I feel so out of the loop with all that stuff.Ok, I just want to warn you that Starter for 10 is a B movie. There are lots of cute, funny parts, but overall I think it could have been a lot better if it was in the hands of a better director. Don’t go in expecting greatness, just mildly entertaining with a LOT of McAvoy. I’m sure it will be better than The Mist (at least I hope so because I haven’t seen it and won’t be now that you’ve warned me about it).Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  5. Facebook is weird. But I do love the flair application.My hubby also had a close encounter with earwigs, when he first moved here. He lived in a ghetto apartment and saw one in his bed. Nice, huh?

  6. Oh my gosh, you got a letter from my Jenna? How touching!!! She is so great about correspondence – even from boot camp!!! I’m so blessed that you heard from her. That touches my heart so much. There is no one that I’d rather that she would hear from on her birthday than you! Which reminds me, in honor of Jenna’s birthday – I got Genny a book today! I’m not sure that she will understand the depth of it so I’m going to mail it to you and trust you to give it to her when she can understand. It’s so touching!!!

  7. facebook has me baffled as well. although i seem to be getting quite a collection of flair!elizabeth berg….should i be reading her? if so, where should i start? i’m always on the lookout for a new author. you can email me if that would be easier: nejyerf@hotmail.com

  8. I’m on Facebook, and I don’t understand it, either. But a lot of my Myspace friends migrated there, so…Which Elizabeth Berg book is it? She’s one of my faves, but one or two of her more recent books have been subpar for her.

  9. That was a neat post. I don’t understand Facebook either… I enjoy MySpace much better.Which Elizabeth Berg book are you reading? I have read two…. they were ok reads… short and quick!

  10. Facebook, myspace.. ?? I don’t get the draw to them.. (though I have a Facebook page that I do go to every month just to see what is up.. :)

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