My So Called Laze Meme…

I was tagged for a meme over at the Daily Mish Mash and thought “What the heck?!?!” What else have I got to do? (i.e. Sleepless distraction.)

Four Jobs I’ve Held:

  • Film Critic
  • Display Designer (for independent shops)
  • Girl’s Supervisor (group homes)
  • Crisis- Shelter Home co-ordinator

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

  • Bridget Jones Diary (Both. I’m a cheater)
  • Becoming Jane
  • Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy)
  • The Painted Veil

Four Places I’ve Lived:

  • New Mexico
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • Michigan

Four TV Shows I Like:

  • The Office
  • LOST
  • Scrubs
  • Samantha Who

Four Favorite Foods:

  • Junk Salad
  • Dragon Roll (sushi)
  • P.F. Changs Double Pan Fried Noodles
  • P.F. Changs Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Four Places I Would Rather Be:

  • At a really awesome film festival, filled with really awesome/artsy film folks to talk to.
  • NYC. Always…
  • I hear Paris is nice this time of year. I wouldn’t know…
  • Somewhere consistently warm, and sandy. Deb and I, lounging there with our toes in the ocean…

Four People I’m Tagging:

(See how unbelievably lazy I am feeling right now??? Couldn’t even HTML the links… *sigh*)

12 thoughts on “My So Called Laze Meme…

  1. Junk salad? I do not know this thing you speak of. Explain, please. Is it like chocolate and marshmallows and peanut butter and potato chips and pizza and every other kind of yummy junk all flopped together in a bowl?

  2. HI Misty- thanks for the comment. I totally get it. I know people who publish their exact location, where their kids go to school, what church they go to, where they will be tomorrow at 4:00 etc… It is a bit much. I like the tag. I was going to do it anyway, although I wasnt tagged, then I relaised I have already did one similar. Have a good day :)

  3. Alright, I am a slow poke. I didn’t get to play on the computer this weekend~hubby was taking over the world or some such nonsense….I accept the challenge! Go check it out!

  4. Thanks for playing along! I’m so jealous that you were a film critic–that is one of my dream jobs. I’ve never been to PF Changs. I wonder if they have one near me? I’ll have to check it out!

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