Menu Planning and Bullitpoint…

Menu Plan Monday (I am attempting this!!!):

Monday- Wheat Ravioli with Marinara Sauce, Salad
Tuesday- Home Made Chili, cornbread
Wednesday- Chicken Tenders, baked macaroni & Cheese, broccoli
Thursday- cheese and sundried tomato paninis, tomato bisque
Friday- cherry and fig stuffed pork loin, squash chowder, home made bread
And now for the bullitpoint part of today’s agenda:
– Last night we were out on the town celebrating Rabekah’s 20th birthday! Woo Hoo…
– Genny has the most enormous school project due in a week. It is incredibly huge, especially when you consider that this school has minimal expectations of her in all educational areas…
– I love Barnes & Noble. (just felt you should know…)
– Although i had 211 posts on my reader, I did not read all of them… (no way…) What I said was that I read the top post (at least) of every blog I subscribe to.
– Someone tagged me for a Meme. I saw it yesterday… But now I can’t find it. Help?

8 thoughts on “Menu Planning and Bullitpoint…

  1. hey Misty- good to hear from you :)Your menu plan sounds great. making me hungry. I have been eating nothing but the things I should go easy on like… BREAD, BREAD…BREAD!!

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