and on the subject of great movies…

I forget, as time passes, how much I truly love this movie. Something, though, about The Transformers seemed to put this movie on my mind…

What a lovely way to spend a weekend. An amazing soundtrack (still), The Lost Boys on my t.v. and diet pepsi max.

Shallow, I know, but life may not get much better than this! (Especially after a day in and lounging by the pool…)

Hope your weekends are also filled with wonderful things that you love!

8 thoughts on “and on the subject of great movies…

  1. I can’t say I ever liked this movie, BUT, I think I’m heading today to see Evening and I just watched “Stomp the Yard”, which I loved, btw and in church they used a scene from Dead Poet’s Society, another all time classic. I did just see “Running with Scissors”…didn’t u like that one? I thought it was oddly weird and kind of good…continue to have a great weekend….talk to ya soon

  2. Tell me about Evening!!! Dead Poets Society is one of my all time favorites! Josh Charles Rocks!!! I did like Running with Scissors quite a lot, though the book was better. I am a fan of Augusten Burroughs and have another book of his on my summer-to-read list…

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