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Welcome to the home of the Rainy Day Collective Podcast! We are so glad you are here!

Wondering what The Collective is exactly? The Collective is a growing community of brave women, united in shared stories, support and love. Women are their most beautiful when affirming and building one another up rather than criticizing and competition.

Our Mission:

In the age when we have more opportunities to connect with one another, we as a whole seem to be less connected than ever. As human beings, and especially as women, this is a destructive reality. While we, as women, are front and center with the #metoo movement, there seems to still be a lack of of authenticity among us. There is a growing fear of vulnerability among each another. Where instinct draws us inward, we need to be extending our hands to one another. Here at the Collective we have created a safe space for women to transparently share their stories. Some are beautiful, some are sad, but in one way or another they are all relatable. We, TOGETHER, are moving forward- no comparisons, no judgements, no conditions- with love. (You can listen here)


Meet the Collective team:

Misty (Instagram) is a wife, mother, sister, aunt, mimi, friend, writer, amateur photographer and a dozen other titles. While the years have held seasons as a counselor, counselee (that’s not a word, but we don’t judge, so let’s just go with it), event coordinator, mentor, teacher, casual crafter, freelance writing (including fifteen amazing years within the entertainment and media PR community), and as the owner of this little journey of a site- Rainy Day in May. When not wearing any of those hats, she has been known to perfect the perfect cheesecake, incessantly watch movies, and it is rumored that she may have invented the very concept of Lip Sync Battle ages before it became a thing. She loves dogs, yoga (dreams of goat yoga), travel, reading, office supplies and long walks on the beach. (well, anything at the beach actually, especially if it’s the Pacific coast) because the ocean speaks to her.

Jennie (instagram) is a wife, mom to two awesome kids, and an all around talent of many things. She carries a degree in Deaf ministry and a serious passion for all types of music, EXCEPT 90’s R & B. (and screamo, because, well Jennie has taste) Jennie loves Shel Silverstein and is an amazing cake baker/decorator, though those two things are completely unrelated.  She has lived in 8 different U.S. states and now resides between both Texas and Indiana, (so things never get dull) where she homeschools those super cool kids. When Jennie manages to discover moments of free time (In whatever state she finds herself) she loves reading, movies, live theater, Dr. Pepper and all things Parks and Rec.

Maggie (instagram) is a busy mom of 3 great kids, an aspiring writer, lover of books, and recovering perfectionist.She loves musical theater, binge-watching Netflix, COFFEE and escaping to the beach as often as possible. Maggie lives with her husband, kids, and cat in Philadelphia, PA.

Kelly (Instagram) is a Coffee addicted, Jesus Following, Clutter-Hating, Budget Loving momma, and wife. Her family is comprised of her hubby, 3 kids, a dozen chickens, 1 dog, 3 cats and an American Toad. She embraces the chaos of life while making intentional choices to do less, save more and put memories over consumables. She finds joy in her strong knit friendships, her faith, and family and wants other women to know that they are worthy of friendship and love. Her goal is to lift up other women, mama’s especially, and help them see they have a God-given purpose and that their story matters. Kelly also has a passion for personal finance and believes that the goals we set for tomorrow are achieved by the choices we make today.

Nikke (Instagram) spends her work days as an A/R manager while also juggling being a wife, mom to three great kids and one mischievous German Shepherd named Lily. She loves to cook, create crafty projects and take walks, (lucky for Lily!) In addition to being incredibly thoughtful, Nikki is also very outgoing! Admirably, she just finished her first Spartan race, laughing as she admitted to rolling her ankle while she did. We should all aspire to be #justlikenikke

Debbie (instagram) is a wife, mom to two super cool adults, (a boy and a girl) mimi to two super-super cool kids, (also a boy and a girl) and has worked in every type of industry you can imagine, from local government offices, deaf communications and social media management. Debbie has a deep love for our U.S. Soldiers/Veterans, is quite possibly a speed reader, LOVES her local high school and WVU Football and has many other passions and interests which she pursues.