{Seven and Eight}

Confessions of an Infidelity Whisperer

Maggie and I had the distinct privilege to sit down and talk with Tabatha Wharton. Speaking with a transparency which feels foreign these days, Tabatha shared pieces of the journey which she’s been on, that led to the publication of her haunting book Manic Pixie Suicide Mistress. We made the decision to divide our conversation into two episodes.

You can keep up with Tabatha and her writing on her Instagram.

You can visit Tabatha’s Website here, where you can learn more about her book, find her blog and learn about other projects she has contributed to.

You can purchase Manic Pixie Suicide Mistress from Amazon.

If you have any questions about resources regarding Autism, Infidelity or any other topics discussed in these episodes, please do not hesitate to reach out!