Episode Eleven- Embrace Your Brave…

Kelly & Misty sit down to chat with Sasha, an inspiring girl with a personal story of following her brave and how this changed her life…(We personally think Sasha is amazing!)

“Everyone has their gift(s). Sasha believes one of hers is the gift if empathy and recognizing her life through the environment as metaphors. During her week long stay in Seattle, Washington she rediscovered what it mean to be powerful in herself by trusting in God, making a commitment to focus on her intention to heal from the previous years struggles, and most importantly taking care of herself. In the end, she discovers the Seattle dreams she had been having were really a reminder of who she was before the distractions: an artist, a spiritual activist, and a woman who values herself just as she is.”

Your vibe attracts your tribe.


Hostelling International

Seattle Washington

Storyville Coffee

Pike Place Market

Bainbridge Ferry