creatively speaking…

Don’t get me started on the frustrations I’m feeling, church wise right now. All I’ll say, at this moment, is that operation vow renewal has hit a big bump. A bump known as hundreds of dollars. For what, you ask?

Our church.

The church I was proposed to in.

The church that we were married in.

The church we were members in, for years.

The church where our marriage fell apart.

The very church that we returned to, and placed membership in, more out of devotion than actual desire…

$100 to book it. $80 for the first hour, $40 each additional hour and this includes the time it takes to set up. I very kindly responded, and was pretty much told “if things turn around for you financially- give us a call.”

The more Chw and I’ve thought about it today, the more we’ve decided not to do that. Even if things somehow “turned around financially.”

So… Creatively we now need a place, too. We have a couple of beautiful options- assuming the weather holds out. I’d imagined this classic little cocktail party-like reception that isn’t likely to blossom into fruition now, and that’s ok. We remain upbeat (except this headache) and optimistic. We need to find a place, asap… And pretty much reformat every idea we’d already had. But we’re excited…

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7 thoughts on “creatively speaking…

  1. Hi dear! I’m so sorry I haven’t commented lately on your wonderful news. So crazy around here! What a honor for me as a new friend to witness your marriage’s new start. I’m tearin’ up just thinking about it… I would love to get together and help any way I can. I’ve been thinking about everything here and there… See if you are available Thursday mourning for coffee/tea at my house :) We’ll chat! xoxo, SJM

  2. I thought the church where you ‘lived’ should be ‘free’ to members too, until I had to pay $300 to get married at our church chapel. I know churches have to pay the bills too, but this was 12 years ago and I was not a happy camper about the cost.btw…when the heck did you post this stuff? Your on my reader and none of this popped up!

  3. Yeah. I can see how that would rub ya wrong.I’m with you. Even if things “turned around” I’d probably have to pass.I’m feeling some church frustration myself lately. Sometimes it seems like smoke and mirrors. Not the actual spiritual relationship but the church and its people. We’re sort of church shopping but I just fear there will be the same issues in a different place. It’s sad.

  4. We couldn't get married in a church so we found a nice chapel. The guy that married us was a retired minister. When our girls were born, I tried getting them baptized the religion I was Catholic but they wanted such a crazy amount of money, we couldn't do it. We ended up going Lutheran because they didn't want any money for it. Now I have a whole new view on religion & wish I would have figured it all out before all of the stress of trying to pay for a church that only wanted my money :)Good luck to you :) It is about the ceremony, the feelings you have for each other, not the place hun!

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