Already, it’s been a pretty exciting two days with G gone…
BUSY- BUSY- BUSY… (note to my tweety peeps, don’t let my lame twittering fool you– I am busy AND cool…)

I am deep within the thralls of home re-organization. We are transitioning Genny’s room from “little girl” to the big girl she is. In the process I am reorganizing all of our homeschool stuff AND, if that isn’t enough, I brought home 16 pounds of strawberries to practice my domestic abilitities with.
Oh yes… And playing Rock Band. (shhh… I was NEVER a video game nerd until I was introduced to these darn guitar games. Now I am an addict- full fledged.)

I am also going on hiatus. I am going to set up a few automatic posts, but out computer here at home needs some help and with Chw having MY Former laptop with him, during all hours of the day/night, I can’t promise I will be online after Friday, for about a week or so. Hopefully this will be remedied soon. In the meantime, unlimited time to reconnect with my girl will be great…

But here is what I need from you:
– love… loads of love… embrace my scheduled posts as if they were pieces of cyber me. Which they are. I guess…
– support. I love my blogs that I read! i LOVE them… It’ll suck. a lot. (just being honest.)

This concludes this message, and NO i did not forget Junes giveaway… i will post it tomorrow!

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14 thoughts on “Developments…

  1. Hey you! I know you are a girl who likes to expose herself! :) Go ahead, join my Exposing Myself! I’ll miss you but I’ll pretend you are still there!

  2. I’ll be looking forward to a post on how you organize homeschooling stuff (and Genny’s new room) because I still remember your family planner organization post – in fact I dream about it! I want to be like you so bad!

  3. I am totally addicted to Rock Band. Please get the Blonde song, “Call Me” and think of me. I, yes you will be impressed by this, can sing that on medium at 100%. Yes, I really should have been a rock star…hahahaHave fun!

  4. I wanna be a ROCK STAR!! *sigh*Hey I don’t think I can stand to have you gone…..I am in full on stalker mode. Who will I stalk, if not you??Let me know how all the remodeling goes.

  5. Enjoy your time away – great thing about blogging/internet is that you can always catch up later ;). We’ve been in the process of reorganizing for what seems like forever!!

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