You could even see it glow…

For the record, I believe that there should be monthly blogging gift exchanges, as it is wonderful.

I got to thinking about the women who settled, with their new husbands, when the west was still wild. Imagine that beautiful feeling when a man on a horse would bring a note from home, (likely written six or so months from home) or when a wagon train would arrive with a quilt from Grandma..

Anyway, this was all very off of topic, and the topic here is this beautiful ornament! :)

My ornament (which was absolutely perfect, btw) comes to me from Beckie… Although Beckie and I know virtually nothing about one another, please allow me to tell you 3 very distinct things that I now know about her.

1) Beckie chose the perfect ornament. There is very little which is really sentimental to me from my childhood, but I have such an affinity for Rudolph. And not just any Rudolph but the Rudolph from the Burl Ives Christmas story.
2) Beckie pays a great deal of attention to detail as her little note holder was so precious and, although I would have loved to snap a photo of it, my daughter stole it immediately to store in her secret place of things most treasured! (Good thing I had time to grab the note with her URL or this blog post would be worded a little bit more like this: Would the wonderful woman who mailed me the ornament pictured above please come to my blog at once and identify yourself…)
3) Beckie is very wise to stuff every side of the box generously with tissue paper because, if there was one box that the United States Postal Service felt was worthy of a stand off against a forklift, this poor little box was it. It came to us literally crushed, but Beckie’s wisdom protected my precious Rudolph!!!

So, Beckie, thank you… Thank you, thank you, thank you!
And Julie, thank you too, for organizing such a fun experience!

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